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Email PHP scripts (1)
Free email related PHP scripts
Shoutcast PHP scripts (11)
Free PHP scripts to get info from your Shoutcast server

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Free PHP form mailer script
Put an email form on your website.
Fájlméret: 7.14 kB
Shoutcast banner script (shows title and listeners)
Create a banner to put onto websites, forum sigs, MySpace etc. Simple to edit and use, requires PHP and GD library (these are installed on most web hosts). Supports multiple servers. You can set any image as a background and the banner will take on the size of that image.
Fájlméret: 1.72 kB
Display current song
Displays the current song on your website.
Fájlméret: 690 B
Multi-server statistics
Grabs statistics from all of your servers and adds them up. This saves you having to check each server individually to get the total number of listeners. It also makes it easier to monitor bandwidth on each relay.
Fájlméret: 2.5 kB
Change song
Change the song title with this simple PHP script. It saves your DJs from having to use the unreliable song field in the Winamp DSP when going on air.
Fájlméret: 952 B