PayPal Billing Agreements

For the convenience of customers, we are now using PayPal Billing Agreements.

This means that you will only need to log into your PayPal account to make your first payment, you will then be asked to agree to the transaction and future payments will be automatic until you cancel your service with us. If you subscribe to a recurring service then payments will be made on the invoice due date (you will be given 14 days notice and then another reminder 1 day before the payment is due).

It also allows us to alter the payment amounts automatically when you upgrade, downgrade or cancel one of your services. This is not possible with subscriptions which are fixed.

Why have we made the change?

The reason for the change is that PayPal subscriptions often cause problems for customers. In the case that a service is cancelled, some customers forget to cancel the subscription and payments are still sent by PayPal even when we stop invoicing for the service. This leads customers into thinking that fundshave been taken without their consent and results in us having to deal with refunds or disputes.

Now that we are using Billing Agreements, once your service is cancelled no more payments will be sent as we will be able to stop the payments from being sent from your PayPal account (unlike with Subscriptions).

Dont' want to set up a Billing Agreement?

That's fine, simply contact us and we can set your account to Manual payments without activating a Billing Agreement.

How to cancel a Billing Agreement

You will need to cancel your service with us, information is available in our Cancellation Guidelines.

Once your service is cancelled, your Billing Agreement will still be active but your PayPal account will no longer be charged by us (unless you purchase a new service in future or still have existing services).

If you wish to completely cancel your PayPal Agreement then the easiest way is to contact us, or you can do it from your PayPal account:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click on the 'History' tab on the top menu.
  3. Select 'Payments sent' from the 'Show' drop-down box and click on 'Search'
  4. Look down the list for a payment sent to Bell Online Ltd and click on 'Details'.
  5. Click the 'View Billing Agreement Details' link.
  6. Click Cancel.

Customers with existing PayPal subscriptions

This change will not affect you if you already have an active PayPal subscription, you will be billed as normal. If you prefer to upgrade to a Billing Agreement then you can simply cancel your existing subscription via the PayPal website and pay manually when you get your next invoice.

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