Service Level Agreement (MixStream Premium Network)

We offer a 100% uptime guarantee to all customers on premium network services - this includes Shoutcast (where premium bandwidth is specified), content delivery and transcoding services. Servers are monitored by Hyperspin 24 hours a day at 5 minute intervalsr.

In the unlikely event of uptime falling below 100% in any one full calendar month, we will credit the customer's billing account upon request as follows:

99 - 99.99% - 5% of monthly fee credited
95 - 98.99% - 10% of monthly fee credited
90 - 94.99% - 20% of monthly fee credited
89.99% or below - 30% of monthly fee credited

Live uptime statistics and server status are available on the Status site. The server uptime shown on the servers page is controlled by Hyperspin and we have no control at all over the figures shown.

Any refunds under the service level agreement will be credited to the customer's billing account and may be used to pay any outstanding or future invoices. To request a refund under the service level agreement, please open email Customers are only entitled to a refund if the server that they are hosted on falls below 100% uptime in a given month - this does not apply if the our website, control panel or billing system are down as this does not affect the customer's service.

The customer must be fully up to date with service payments, any overdue invoices on the customer account will invalidate this SLA.

We are not responsible for, and therefore this SLA does not apply to service outages caused by equipment not operated by us, including but not limited to Internet NAP failures, DOS Attacks, backbone failures, routing problems or any issues outside of our network. The agreement does not cover planned maintenance or where we have given customers prior notice. It is the customer's responsibility to keep up to date with service announcements by checking the Status site and/or signing up for the mailing list.

The SLA covers the streaming service itself and not any extras that are included, such as flash players, statistics pages, hosted javascripts, hosted playlist (such as pls, m3u, ram, asx) files and control panels.

Requests must be made in the first 5 days of the month succeeding the month of the outage(s).

Credit provided to the customers under this agreement is non-transferrable and can only be used on the billing account that is assigned to the service for which credit has been awarded.

This SLA does not apply to customers on the value networks or customers signed up or services purchased using special or reduced rate offers. Only customers paying the full price as currently listed on the website are entitled to claim for compensation.

If you are unsure about which server your stream is located on, then please open a support ticket.

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