We are making some changes to the mailing list and need to delete all of the emails that are currently registered. Service updates were previously hosted on the same WordPress site. This resulted in 1000s of email addresses being hosted on the mailing list which has started to slow down delivery of important announcements – sometimes by several hours.

If you are using any of the following services then please re-subscribe your email address at http://status.bellonline.co.uk/mailing-list/

Web Hosting, Shoutcast, AutoDJ, Transcoding, Dedicated Servers (you can view a full list of categories on the site)

If you are using FreeStreamHosting.org then please don’t sign up for this mailing list, you will be sent another email shortly with further instructions.

As before, you will be sent a link to confirm your subscription and choose the categories you’d like to sign up to.

We recommend that you choose updates for the server(s) that you are hosted on to avoid receiving emails that don’t affect your service. If you are unsure about which server(s) you are on then please open a support ticket and we will be happy to get the information for you.


Bell Online Ltd- http://status.bellonline.co.uk/

Hurricane Irene is currently approaching the NYC metro area where some of our servers are located. Earlier this week the datacentre took precautions for the storm including testing UPSs and generators, topping off their diesel generator tanks and notifying their fuel vendors in case of extended power outages. staffing levels at the datacentre will be increased this weekend to ensure adequate coverage in case of emergencies.

Hopefully, service won’t be affected by this but please be assured that the datacentre staff are on high alert in case of any problems.

We are experiencing an issue with one of the networks used for usa premium. This is being worked on and we expect servers to come back up shortly.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, please don’t open tickets regarding this issue as we are aware of it.

UPDATE: The service is back online after a 15 minute outage. If your server hasn’t yet come back online, please start it from the control panel.

We are currently experiencing problems on this network, this is being looked into.

UPDATE: All servers are back online now, downtime latest about 20 minutes. If your stream is still offline then please try restarting it and open a support ticket if that doesn’t work.

UPDATE2: Here’s a message from the provider that was affected.

“There was about 15 minutes of network downtime for servers in our Teb2 location. We currently have two datacenters located in the same building (Teb1 and Teb2). In our network today a provider dropped and caused a BGP flag. Our Teb1 datacenter had no issues re-building routes from this. However the routers in Teb2 did not handle this as quickly as Teb1. We will be adding in another router in Teb2 to ensure something like this can not happen again.”