One of our service providers is experiencing a network outage, this is affecting AutoDJ services hosted on the uk3-adj server. Thank you for your patience, the network engineers are working on the problem and we expect service to be back up shortly.

Due to a customer request, it is now possible for a scheduled event to interrupt the currently playing track.

Previously, when a schedule activated, the current track would finish before the scheduled playlist started. This makes sense with individual tracks but for customers uploading full mixes, it resulted in scheduled events playing later than expected (i.e after the current mix ends).

The option to interrupt the current track is now available when you create a new schedule. You will also need to restart your AutoDJ if using this feature.

For those customers already on the new AutoDJ system, we have made some improvements and bug fixes. You can restart your AutoDJ to update it.

  • Fixed: Issue with song titles when streaming live, where song titles would keep overriding the live show title.
  • Improved: Player in the dashboard now uses a TLS stream for compatibility with Chrome, even if the destination server doesn’t support TLS.

We will be migrating customers over to the new AutoDJ system in the coming weeks and retiring the old version.