If you are using BUTT to stream to your server then we recommend you update to the latest version as soon as possible. Outdated versions of BUTT (0.1.15 and lower) don’t work with the latest version of Shoutcast (2.5.5).

Please download the latest version 0.1.16 here:



— This announcement only applies to customers using mixstream.net —

We are going to start the process of migrating customers over to a new control panel over the next 2 weeks. This will include Stream Servers, AutoDJs and Transcoders.

There will be no downtime or outages on AutoDJ services and Transcoders as a result of the updates, they will continue to operate normally. We will be announcing further updates to AutoDJ in the next month.

We are performing major updates to the stream servers (Shoutcast/Icecast) there will be some downtime when these services are updated. We will be starting with Value Network servers as of tomorrow. Premium Network servers will follow next week. We are currently unable to provide exact time estimates for individual servers but if you need further updates then please open a support ticket.

We expect a short period of downtime for all Shoutcast/Icecast servers that are due to be updated. This will last from 20-60 minutes and we will perform maintenance during off-peak times.

In addition, we will be changing the IP of the following servers: usa8-vn usa9-vn
This is in order to improve the hardware and performance of the servers. The old IPs will be available for 1 month from the date of the server move. If you use the hostname to connect to your server then you will see no changes, the system will switch over smoothly to the new IP. If you connect using the IP address then you will need to change it (we will post further updates regarding this).

We have updated the way in which we process card payments via our website, this allows us to securely store your card details for automatic payment processing (that’s if you choose to do so, you can choose to disable auto renewal on the payment form).

If you would like to activate automatic recurring payments, simply tick the recurring payments box when you make your next payment. This will allow your details to be stored with our payment processor, Stripe.

For your peace of mind, all card details are still submitted and stored with the highest security standards by Stripe in the same was as before.

All customers that currently have card payments as their default payment method will be migrated to the new system so you will see a different form next time you pay with the recurring billing option added.

If you have any questions or experience problems with the new form then please contact us.

One of our network providers (used for the websites and control panel) is currently experiencing a large DDoS attack against their core infrastructure, this has been affecting them since the 26th August. Problems have been intermittent due to their efforts to mitigate the attack, however there have been some issues with the control panel timing out as a result.

Please be assured that this is not affecting customer services (other than the control panel login for mixstream.net users) as we only use this provider for our own hosting.

We have made a DNS update on mixstream.net which may cause a small number of people to be unable to access the website temporarily.

If you have already been on the website in the last few hours and have an old DNS cache then you may see an ‘Apache is working’ page.

You can try flushing your DNS cache:


Alternatively, the DNS will update itself in the coming hours.

We are currently trialling Stripe for card payments, this is mainly due to concerns from some customers that our existing payment processor was declining payments on valid cards.

We have done extensive testing with the new system and are happy that it will provide a quicker and more efficient payment option for customers.

If you have any feedback then please feel free to contact us.

Due to suggestions from some customers, we have made some minor changes to the way in which we bill customers:

Invoices generated 14 days prior to the due date, giving customers more notice (especially for customers using bank transfer, mail in payment and other non-instant payment methods)

Invoice reminders changed

First invoice reminder: 1 day before due
First invoice overdue notice: 1 day overdue
Second invoice overdue notice: 6 days overdue (1 day before suspension)
Third invoice overdue notice: 27 days overdue (1 day before termination)

Unpaid services will continue to be suspended once they are 7 days overdue, and terminated after 28 days.

We are currently experiencing an outage with our database server which runs the billing, support and control panels. We are working to get service back to normal asap. This doesn’t affect customer accounts.

UPDATE: The server was back up and running shortly after and having checked the server everything is back to normal and stable. We expect no more outages.