This is an automatic notification.

Our monitoring system has detected that EU1 is currently down.

Staff have already been notified of the outage and will look in to the issue shortly.

EU1 (cPanel) ( DOWN at Jan 05 2015 03:30
PM (EU/Western) Err: ping: request timeout

The server is fully back up and functioning now. The status site shows that the server was down for 19 hours, however, customer hosting accounts were restored last night and have been online during the reported outage.

Websites will be moved back to the original IP in the next 24 hours now that it is working.

Customers hosted on EU1 may be experiencing issues with their web hosting account. We are looking into this but it appears that some IPs have stopped working on the server so it appears to be a network related issue.

The issue with the UK1 web server is currently being investigated. There have been some problems reported with emails not being received, the server has been rebooted but not yet come back up so this is being checked.

Thank you for your patience.


We are currently forcing a cPanel update to see if this will resolve some issues on the server.

We are planning to upgrade PHP to the latest version on UK1 and EU1 servers.

If you have any outdated scripts, such as WordPress, PHPBB, etc then please ensure that they are up to date to avoid any issues.

The upgrade is scheduled for the following times:

UK1: Monday 26th August, 2AM

EU1: Tuesday 27th August, 2AM

This will cause a moment of downtime, but if all goes well then it won’t be more than a few seconds.

There is currently a network issue affecting several servers (see categories) with significant packet loss. This is being worked on and the datacentre staff should have the issue resolved shortly.


EDIT: I’ve called the datacentre and they have their engineers looking in to this. We don’t have any idea of how long it will take before normal service is resumed but we will update you here as soon as we know.