Due to some issues with the server and the fact that there were very few customers hosted, the EU1 server has been discontinued. Remaining customers have been transferred to the new WEB-2 server.

We are currently experiencing a problem with the EU1 web hosting server. We are working to get the server back online as soon as possible.

UPDATE: As this is an old server and very few customers were hosted on it, we have made the decision to move customers over to a new server. The new server uses more up to date software, such as PHP, MySQL, etc and is faster.

We have updated the way in which we process card payments via our website, this allows us to securely store your card details for automatic payment processing (that’s if you choose to do so, you can choose to disable auto renewal on the payment form).

If you would like to activate automatic recurring payments, simply tick the recurring payments box when you make your next payment. This will allow your details to be stored with our payment processor, Stripe.

For your peace of mind, all card details are still submitted and stored with the highest security standards by Stripe in the same was as before.

All customers that currently have card payments as their default payment method will be migrated to the new system so you will see a different form next time you pay with the recurring billing option added.

If you have any questions or experience problems with the new form then please contact us.