USA3-VN has been migrated to the new platform and in addition, there is a change of IP address.

If you stream using the hostname then you don’t need to take any further action as your stream will automatically switch over to the new IP. If you use the IP address  in your settings and links then you will need to update them. Please log into the control panel at to get the new IP.

You may be aware that data protection laws in the EU are changing and we have updated our privacy policy accordingly. We always have and will continue to respect your privacy. The updates apply to all customers regardless of location, not just EU citizens, as we believe that all customers deserve the highest level of data protection. Updates include more info about how we use your data, your rights under the new legislation and new wording to comply with GDPR.

We have performed the update on usa7-vn – this has resulted in a change of IP. If you use the IP address in your stream settings or links then please log in to obtain the new IP. The old one will remain online for 1 month.

During the early hours this morning, there was a major hard disk failure on the web-2 web server. As we were unable to recover the server quickly, the decision was made to transfer all affected accounts over to a new web server (web-4).

The new server is more powerful so you should see performance improvements particularly if your website is heavy on resources.

If you have any problems with your website then please open a support ticket.

The above servers have been migrated today. This has resulted in a change of IP for both servers, we have checked the current streams on both servers and the migration has completed successfully.

If you do use the IP address to stream or link to your server then please log into the control panel to get the new IP.

Due to unforseen circumstances, some servers were unable to be migrated to the new platform several weeks ago. We are completing the work starting from today.

If your server hasn’t already been migrated the you will find that it will be in the next 2 weeks at some point.

When the migration is taking place, there will be up to 60 minutes of downtime (usually less).