We are still experiencing issues on one of our UK networks. This will be affecting uk1-pn (shoutcast) and possibly uk1-adj (autodj). We do apologise for the problems over the last day or two, but the network providers are working very hard to get this resolved, they have been working on it all through the night since about 11pm last night.

I’ll post any updates here.

UPDATE 13:08: I can confirm that the issue is NOT affecting uk1-adj – only uk1-pn and one dedicated server customer who will be contacted shortly.

UPDATE 14:26: Annoyingly, I’ve just found out from a third party source that there will be another 90 minutes of downtime on the whole network, so this will affect uk1-adj as well. It’s not good that they are doing it at this time in the day, but it must have been the only option.